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[sing : wakil rakyat – iwan fals] semuanya.
Indonesia we were born of you
Indonesia we serve for you
Indonesia is my homeland
Indonesia is my country
Indonesia where I take refuge
Indonesia is my future
Indonesia my love
I appreciate you
And this is the portrait of Indonesia

(Ibu-ibu masuk)
[lagu : Panggung Sandiwara]

Pita : Are you already pay for the contract?
Dita : Astagfirullah, miss. I don’t have money. How long have you been arrears?
Pita : I don’t have money for pay the school too. The contract also has debt for 3 month.
Dinda : That’s right, miss! I also has debt for 2 month.
Ayu : moreover me. I also has debt for 4 month.
Alisya : My husband yet go home.  This was fate, miss.
Dita : Hard to be poor!
Pita : I just scare, how will my child?
Ayu : I won’t my child shuffer

Suddenly, miss niko come. And make the womens scare.
(tiba-tiba bu niko datang)

Niko : HEY!! MISS!!
(Ibu-ibu gopoh)
Niko : hey!! Where are you going?!
(lari kejar kejaran)
Niko : (ngagetin) HAA!!
(ibu-ibu jatuh)
Niko : How dare you run from me!!
Dita : I’m sorry madam
Niko : You must go to work for pay your debt! Not sit in here! Now, pay your debt!!
Pita : Sorry, madam. I request one month again.
Niko : What? You say request huh?! Yesterday you request for time. And now you do it again! When you pay your debt hah?!
Pita : We really don’t have money, madam
Niko : My patience has run out! Everything in the world not free, you know?!  Your fart is free.
Ayu : Yes, madam. We are understand. But give we opportunity.
Dita : Give we one month again (memeluk kaki niko)
Dinda : Yes, madam. I promise I will pay after one month.
Niko : Hash!! I lazy to wait you!!
Alisya : Please, madam. Please understood (memohon dibawah bu niko di ikutin yang lain)
Niko : (mendorong ibu2)
(ibu2 jatuh)
Koor ibu2 : OMG! Auw!
Dita : please, madam. Give we opportunity
Koor ibu2 : Please madam..
Niko : do you want free? You cant live under the bridge. Out of my house!! (menarik ibu2 keluar)

The womens are scream, they won’t out from niko’s house. They confuse they will live in where and how fate they child.

Niko : I don’t care!! Get out from here now!!
Koor ibu2 :  please madam..
Dita : where we will live, madam?
Nito : it’s not my problem! I want you out from my here!
(niko meninggalkan ibu2)
(ibu2 siap2)

D+D+A : (nangis) How is this?
Alisya : enough, miss. This is our destiny as the poor
Dinda : That’s right, miss. We just can resigned
Pita : How is destiny we child?
Dita : I dont heart look my child back from the school
Dinda : before, they back. We must get the new house.
Alisya : yes, miss. Lets we search the new house.

The womens go to search a new house for live.

While on the highway, three little street singers is singing from car by car.
[nyanyi: gengsi gede-gedean]

Amel : Hey, how much money we get?
Dhila : hmm.. we get 30.000.
Intan : there are 2000.
Dhila : naaah. 32.000
Amel : let’s we sing again.
Dhila : (nyanyi)
Intan : what are you sing?
Intan : husss.. Let’s we sing again!

[nyanyi: punk rock jalanan]

There are student’s group of iniversity look three little street singer. They follow the street singers that.

Elis : Sis, sis
Koor SS : who are you?
Elis : We are student of iniversity
Ika : are you street singer? You don’t school?
Dhila : yeah, we are sing after school, bang.
Ika : why you be street singers? Why you don’t serious school?
Amel : we are not people as abang. Abang has many money. And we must work for help our mother.
(mahasiswa tolah toleh)
Fedora : where do you live?
Intan : what do you want bang? Do you want our money?
Dhila : really? Let’s run!
amel : ssst. Don’t do it like that.
Fedora : oh not.. we are pity look you. May you show your house?
Amel : okey! C’mon bang

The student of university follow the street singers to they house.

Amel : aaah.. this is our house bang… (menunjuk)
D+I : loh? Where are our house?
Intan : so quiet?
Dhila : mooom!! Moom!
elis : where all?
(mengetok pinyu)
ika : no one in here
Amel : where are my mom?

Suddenly people come.
[lagu: Pump it]

rara : what are you doing in here? HAH?!
Chichi : do you search yout mother?
Koor A : HAHAHAHAHA =)))))))
Amel : where are my mom?
Rara : your mother already get out! Because your mother not pay the contract!!
Chichi : you are the poor people
Saras : POOR-PE-OPLE!!
Elis : who are you?
Rara : we are the rich children. Not the poor people like they (nunjuk pengamen)
Dhila : are you envy, hah?
Saras : hah? Envy?! HA-HA-HA
Rara : you must get out from here!! Follow your poor mother!
Koor A : HA-HA-HA-HA =)))

Then, the rich children go out.

ika : now, you must search your mother
intan : we don’t know where are my mother.
(pengamen nangis)

suddenly, one of the womens came.

Alisya : Childrenss.. let’s we go
Koor SS : AUNT.. (nangis)
Alisya : (memeluk)
Amel : where are our mom? Why the house is empty
Intan : expelled by madam niko?
Alisya : enough dear. Lets we back.
Fedora : who are expelled you, miss?
Alisya : the owner of this house. Because we not pay the contract
Elis : She has not heart.
Alisya : yess, son. Maybe she true.
Fedora : and then? Where do you live, miss?
Alisya : hmm.. under the bridge for the moment (memeluk pengamen)
Ika : ehhr!! Wish god reply her do.
Alisya : it’s been our destiny, son. Let’s we back to we house
Intan : Abang, do you want follow me?
Elis : No, sis. We must go back now.
Koor SS : seeyou bang..

The womens and little street singer go to the under the bridge. And the student of university back to they home. Not long after, they arrive to under the bridge. They new house.
[lagu: rumah kita]

Koor SS : moooom!!!
Dhila : What happen mom? (nangis)
Pita : I’m sorry dear. Mom not pay the contract (nangis)
Intan : Madam is very cruel!!
Dita : nevermind, dear. The important we still can live.
Amel : Mother is okay right?
Ayu : yes, dear mom is okay.
Pita : for a moment we live in here, okay?
Koor : Yess mom.

They hug and cry together.
Tomorrow, the three little street singers not school. They not yet pay money of school. They just singer on highway.

Intan : So sad. They not go to school
Dhila : why in this world is not fair?
Amel : enough. The important, we are given a life, we have mom, we also feel study in school.
Dhila : (sigh)
Amel : maybe, still there people more than suffer from we.
Intan : more than shuffer? We have already suffered. How they?
Dhila : hussss..
Amel : let’s we sing again. Can let a lot of money.
(nyanyi: price tag)
From distance, the student of university look they sing and not school

Ika : they don’t school
Fedora : so pity
elis : whereas they are talented. Look, they can sing very well
Fedora : you are right! Let’s!

The student of university back to they school. And not long, the police raided in a traffic area.

Putri : caught all!!!!!!!!
Koor P : Already!!

The police scatter to caught all

Amel : Dhila! Intan! That is police! C’mon ruuuunnnn!!!
Dhila : OMG! How is this?
Intan : RUUUUN!!

The street singers run to avoid the police. But, they almost to caught. And a person help they

Della : caught you!!
Koor SS : let us know!! Aaa!!
Rani : oh noo!!
(pemuda datang)
Tasha : C’mon run!!
Amel : thankyou bang
Tasha : run! Run! Run!!!
Della : who are you? So brave!!
Tasha : yes! C.mon caught me!
Della : they interfere the traffic comfort!
Tasha : why you disturbed with they?. Why you don’t disturbed with corrupt?
Sisil : the corrupt not disturb the traffic right?
Tasha : but, they are looking for a halal job. Only that which they could.
Rani : ouch!! Confuse
(putri datang)
Putri : what happen?
Della : he defend the street singers
putri : who are you?
tasha : me to protect them from a distance. Caught me!!
Putri : bring him to office!

the police bring bang muluk to office with the official car

Koor SS : bang muluk!!!!!!!!!!! Bang muluk!!!!! (nangis)
Tasha : (mengacungkan jempol) continue your struggle!!! (nangis haru)
Koor SS : bang muluk !!!

In one of university, the student of university gathering to plan something

elis : gathered all!!!
Ika : gathered gathered!!
(semua berkumpul)
Della : what happen?
elis : listen!! We must to help the street singers displaced womens!!
Fedora : lets us save them from poverty
Della : how this step?
Ika : we must to do a demo. And I had planned.
elis : that’s right! We just make the equipment. ARE YOU READY?
Koor M : YEEEES!!
Fedora : lets we do it!!!! (mengepalkan tgn ke atas)

the student of university hardwork to make the equipment for demo
[lagu: Bruno mars- we are young]

While in residence of madam risma

Tika : the traffic area already clean.
Hana : yes. We can enjoy

madam risma and madam hana is brewing tea on the balcony, suddenly two bodyguard run approached they.

Tika : what happen? (kaget, berdiri)
(ibu hana ikut menteri)

sara : there are a group students of university in front of you house, madam.
Tika : leave!
let them issue a protest action!
Nada : then? What they are allowed to get into the house?
tika : leave! Let them issue anything a protest action!
Koor BG : sure madam.

 the two guards opened the gate luxury of madam risma. come in hordes of students who carried banners with all the contents of their think. Madam risma and the madam hana is looking at them one by one banner. Until the end…

tika : what do you want?
elis : I
 want madam to see people out there who lost her home for nonpayment of contract.
ika : I want madam to see street children who work just to help her mother.
Fedora : left school after a bite of rice
tika : quiet
 calm, I understand your good intentions
Elis : listen! Look!


tika : (merasa bersalah) I understand what do you mean
Hana : we wait this moment
tika : Take me to the
 place of settlement!

The student of university so amazing what does she talk. finally they brought madam risma and hana to toward slums. when he got there, he saw hordes of people are conducting their activities. There are washing clothes, cleaning the rice, and other activities. one of the hordes of people were aware of the coming of madam risma.

dita : hey. Madam risma is came!!
pita : where? Where?
alisya : yes, where?
ayu : yes! That is madam rismaa!!
dinda : come on there!

 were running toward to madam hana and madam risma standing. they were greeted bu hana and bu risma.

pita : an honor madam risma in here
dita : ouh madam, why madam in here? It’s a dirty place
tika : but I have to feel what you feel
alisya : we’re a bunch of poor people
ayu : that’s right, madam
tika : but
 you should not be here. this place is not feasible.
hana : this place is dangerous for you.
tika : I
'll give you guys should get.

Madam risma, Hana and student of university went to the place of street singers sing. The street singers is sing and dancing. From distance, madam risma and student of university look at they.

elis : those
 who make us march at madam house.
ika : for them
fedora :
we do not want them to quit school due to cost.
elis : their next generation of our nation.
tika : yes, I understand. mother
 wanted to hire them as a real singer. and send them to school
ika : yes, we are talented.

[nyanyi: price tag]

tika : you are talented.
Koor SS : madam risma.
tika : (senyum, nyalamin)
amel : an honor madam in here for me.
D+I : waaa.. I can’t believe
Tika : because
 these brothers, you all will benefit from the crisis that is engulfing you.
Dhila : hay abaaaang..
Koor M : (senyum, melambai)
Tika : I come here again tomorrow to pick up you. early in the morning should be ready okay?
Intan : where are we go?
Tika : place that you want
Koor SS : huwaaa!! (bersorak)

 picked up the next morning with a luxury car and taken to school. from school after they are brought into the music studio to practice their skills. and their parents is taken into a beautiful apartment. and eventually they live happily ever after

[lagu: heal the world]

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